Covid-19 update, Pike fishing and more!

A quick update on behalf of the lakeside team to keep you in the loop with all things lakes related.

Covid-19,Government guidance update:
We are aware that further advice was given by our government surrounding the current covid-19 epidemic on Tuesday 22nd September 2020. For us this means that as of Thursday 24th September all office staff at Blagdon and Woodford lodge will be required to wear face coverings, even if they are behind a counter screen.
We would like to remind all customers of their responsibilities when visiting our sites:
Woodford lodge tackle shop and Blagdon Lodge: Please wear a face covering when using these areas. Please bring your own face coverings, these are not supplied by the fishery.
Hand sanitizer stations: Hand sanitizing stations are readily available at our sites. We encourage all customers to use them before entering and when leaving our lodge sites.
Social distancing: It is still advised to try and maintain a distance of 2m’s from one another where possible. Look out for floor marking’s and signage to help maintain social distancing when visiting the lakes. Do not gather in areas such as the entrances to lodge buildings and jetty areas.

 Pike fishing:

Our autumnal pike deadbait/lure fishing at Chew Valley lake and Pike fly fishing sessions at Blagdon Lake start soon! We can’t wait to see what’s caught and look forward to welcoming both old and new faces back to our waters. A few quick reminders to help keep you up to date:

Boat access arrangements: During lockdown we were busy preparing for a return to our sport fishing activity. We’ve worked on new procedures and created a purpose made ‘covid-19’ boat fishing video for customers to watch in advance of fishing at our waters. We’d encourage all anglers due to fish with us to take a look in advance of visiting the lakes. The video covers all of the fundamentals that you will need to know when visiting Chew Valley lake for boat fishing. Please check it out HERE.


Some key pointers include:

  • NEVER travel to the fishery if you have covid-19 or are showing symptoms.
  • The lodge will be open from 8am, gates will be open from 7am. You are welcome to arrive early but please remember to social distance; do not gather in a huddle near the entrance doors prior to opening, queue sensibly maintaining 2m’s distance.
  • When staff are ready, the lodge will be opened. Please enter via the car park entrance door. 
  • Head to the alcove nearest the tackle shop entrance, office staff will ask both yourself and your boat partner to sign in. By doing so you are declaring that you have watched our boat fishing safety dvd and agree to acknowledge the Bristol water fishery rules, safety instructions and risk assessments. You and your boat partner MUST sign in every time you fish with us. You are not permitted to sign in on behalf of a boat partner. Use the hand sanitiser available before exiting the building via the lakeside door.
  • Get your fishing tackle together and head down to the jetty areas. There will be two queue areas marked with social distancing floor markers. Queue in either area depending on your preferred jetty. Observe displayed finish fishing times on jetty walkways or ask staff.
  • Pick up and don a lifejacket from this area. Lifejackets will be disinfected and hung up ready for you to grab. 
  • Await instructions of the staff member on the jetty gate, when jetty staff are ready they will instruct you and your boat partner to head onto the jetty.
  • With care, load your boat and prepare to leave the jetty area. Try to be as quick as possible so that our team can get boats out swiftly and safely. Our team have been working this procedure for several months, it take as a little longer but we will get you out as soon as we can. We aim to get all boats out between 8-9am.
  • On return follow guidance from jetty staff, you may be asked to hold back until the jetty area is clear.
  • Return used lifejackets to the green bins nearest the jetty gates, the drying room will be locked.
  • Complete catch return and drop in box nearest the back office door.

Bank fishing arrangements: Observe permitted access/exit times found HERE. Please be considerate of other lake users, always follow fishery rules and regulations. Failure to comply with fishery rules and regulations may result in a ban. Maintain social distancing on the bank and at entrance gates. We advise all bank anglers to bring hand sanitizer and face coverings with them.

Local lockdowns/restricted travel: We appreciate that in some areas nationally there are restrictions on travel and local lockdowns. Customers who are booked in to fish with us but who are unable to travel due to covid-19 restrictions should notify  Bristol Water by email at . Notice must be given at least 3 working days in advance of fishing dates. Our team will do their upmost to resell permits and issue refunds for permits sold. Permits purchased via Ticketsource may incur a small booking/cancellation fee. Customers will be notified of this fee upon receiving a request via email to surrender tickets. Our team will do the best they can to resell your permits. Under the circumstances, customers finding themselves in this challenging position will also be able to transfer permits to another person. Bristol Water must be notified of this transfer in advance of fishing.  

Breakfast at The Woodford: The Woodford team will do their upmost to cater for basic breakfast provisions such as a bacon roll to take away etc. The team will try and take orders when the lodge opens and prepare whilst you are waiting to get out on the water. This offering is on a trial basis initially. For customers who aren’t in a rush to get out, a wider range of breakfast offerings will be available from 9am.

Baits: Sadly we will not be selling dead baits at our tackle shop this season. Please ensure you bring your own dead baits to the water. Only sea dead baits are permitted at our fishery.

Bristol Water Pike fishing competition: Due to the pressures on our team at this time of year sadly our Annual Bristol Water Pike Fishing competition will not be running.

Blagdon pike fly fishing: We have just a handful of boats remaining for our exclusive Blagdon pike Fly Fishing offering commencing soon. Please call the lodge on 01275 332339 to discuss available dates. Permits are sold first come first served and full details can be found HERE

The ‘and more’ bit….

Day boat permits: There will still be occasional day boat permits available for pike, perch and trout fishing via TicketSource. Numbers of permits available will be restricted on some days but there will be other days with good availability. Please keep a regular eye on TicketSource, Facebook and our Website pages for updates.

Lake and bank obstructions/hazards: Customers should note that areas of the lake are particularly shallow at present. Hidden obstructions such as tree stumps and shallow water can be found in various locations around the lake. Please take care to motor carefully to avoid them. The false Island, Nunnery point and the East shore area of the lake are particularly shallow at present. please take care when motoring in these areas.

Bank anglers should note unstable banks, particularly the north shore. Please take care when bank fishing and ensure bivvy’s etc are secured on stable ground.

Bank reopening-Monday 21st September

With footfall around the lakes now getting back to ‘normal’ levels we are pleased to announce that as of Monday 21st September both the North Shore at Chew Valley and the Butcombe shoreline at Blagdon will be available or anglers to use again.

Anglers should note that if they intend to fish the North shore at Chew Valley Lake they will need to access the bank via the entrance gate nearest picnic area 2 (the smaller of the two picnic areas). The gate nearest PA1 will remain padlocked. As many of you will know the bank in this area is heavily eroded and we ask all anglers to take great care when fishing from this location. Please access the bank via the PA2 end and don’t go near undercut banks that are marked by posts and signs.
We thank our customers for their patience over the last few months.
BW Lakeside team

Boats cancelled- Thursday 20th- Saturday 22nd August

A storm a’ be brewing! 🌧💨🌪🌪💨💫💨💫🌧
Sadly we have made the difficult decision to cancel all boat fishing this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Blagdon lake. Strong winds with gusts over 40mph are forecast for Thursday and Friday moving to a horrid westerly direction come Saturday.
We have been contacting all booked in parties today to discuss options.
Whilst we’re talking boat fishing our next planned Chew boat dates start next Thursday 27th August! We will have Chew boats available on the 27th- 30th and then again on 2nd- 6th September. All boats on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September are pre-booked for the Cortland UK Team Fly Fishing Championships. If you’re involved in this event you can book practice boats by calling the lodge directly on 01275 332339.
BW Lakeside team

Soaring temperatures making it uncomfortable for anglers and fish alike!

Wow its warm today..scorcher!☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


On a positive note, a healthy chance of some light showers overnight and in coming days. Perhaps expected, the fishing has got harder but fish are still being caught!

Walley, Herons Green, Moreton Spit and Woodford are all still worth a go here at Chew from the bank. The boils, the open water across the middle and herons Green the best bet from the boats.

At Blagdon its been very much around the dam basin for most visitors although on overcast or cooler days the shallow water around Holt Bay, Butcombe, Rugmoor and Home bay have all produced fish to dries. Flying ant continue to encourage fish up to the top on occasions and corixae and snail are now more prevalent around the margins.

WE would strongly advise bank anglers to consider Chew Valley rather than Blagdon lake. Weed around the margins is prolific at Blagdon and will severely hamper bank fishing efforts. Bank access is still excellent at Chew Valley.

If you intend to fish the dam areas of our lakes, please make sure you are aware of the no anchoring zones. Further details HERE

At Barrows the areas of flow such as the pipe on 3 continue to produce regular catches. Most anglers opting for nymphs and buzzers fished slow. A blob or similar on the point wouldn’t go a miss. Dry fly sport is patchy but always worth a try late on.

Remember, all anglers should be mindful of sudden changes in weather, most notably the threat of thunder and lightening as noted in recent days. Please ensure you are aware of the expected procedure for anglers in the event of thunder and lightening. Never risk your life by fishing when lightening is around.

BW Lakeside team

Mixed weather this week, important safety advice for visiting anglers

The threat of thunderstorms all week at the lakes. Sporadic light showers among humid conditions at times. In the event of thunder and lightening its paramount that your safety comes first. NEVER put your life at risk in pursuit of a fish. Some simple advice to remember in the event of thunder and lightening:
1) STOP FISHING IMMEDIATELY!– It’s pretty simple, don’t go waving that lightening conductor of a rod around. Put your rod down immediately and stop fishing.
2) HEAD TO SHORE– It doesn’t matter where you are on the lake, head to the nearest shoreline immediately if you hear or see thunder and lightening. Watch out for shallow ground as you approach the margins, be wary of the prop grounding. You may need to lift the engine and use the oars.
3) WAIT– Be patient, wait until the storm passes. NEVER sit under a tree or similar, it could put you in even more danger.
4) IF IN DOUBT CALL US– Wait until you are confident that the storm has passed before relaunching a boat. If you are in doubt, call our team on the emergency number printed on your e ticket/permit.
In extreme cases, Bristol water may cancel fishing or call boats off the water. If ordered to leave the water, you must do so immediately. We take your safety seriously, please help us by staying safe when visiting the lakes.
BW Lakeside team


Apologies for the short notice but our tackle shop at Woodford Lodge will be closing early today around 10am.
We apologies for any inconvenience caused.
BW Lakeside team

Catch and Release- Anglers take note


‘Keep em’ wet..’


It’s always important to remember best practice for catch and release no matter where you are fishing or what you are fishing for.
If you intend to release a fish always have fish welfare at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps most important early season when large numbers of fish are caught, make sure that you go equipped with all the right tools to release fish successfully.
We take fish handling seriously, any angler found mishandling fish or showing bad catch and release practice may jeopardize fishing at our waters.

Check out this handy article HERE to give you all the info you need to make sure your special catch gets the release it deserves..

A good stir today, Chew and Blagdon boats available as conditions settle

This wet n’ windy weather will certainly stir things up for the week coming. Boats back on Chew Valley as of tomorrow and we’d expect some fantastic fishing with this cooler weather moving in this week.
There’s still some boats left if you fancy trying Chew or Blagdon this week.
Book HERE.

Chew Valley and Blagdon boats available from 9am today!

Permits for boat fishing at Chew Valley and Blagdon for the coming week and next weekend go on sale at 9am this morning!
The lakes are still fishing exceptionally well and the weather is looking spot on for the week ahead. 👌👌 For those of you who love dry fly fishing, the next week presents a great opportunity to get some nice fish up on top.
You can purchase permits  HERE