Coronavirus update 31.03.20 16:15pm

Coronavirus update 31.03.20 16:15pm

With the continued threat of Covid-19 our fishing offerings remain closed at Chew Valley, Blagdon, Litton and Barrow tanks.

Due to the uncertainty of months ahead we have decided that once reopened we will only be offering day permits for the remainder of season 2020. We are aware that some of our customers are season tickets holders at our waters and will be entitled to a refund for months where fishing cannot be redeemed. Our team will be contacting season ticket holders shortly to discuss options available.

Current season ticket holders should note that if opting for a refund now, they will be unable to renew later in 2020. Season ticket holders will be offered the following options:

1) 8/9’s of your season permit value refunded now, forfeiting your permit for the remainder of the season
2) No refund at present with a refund for months unused when we get back up and running.

Customers who pre-paid for boat fishing that was not redeemed will also be contacted in coming days to discuss options.

Please note that our offices, picnic areas and bird hides remain closed until further notice. Staff are carrying out routine bank patrols.

We appreciate your continued understanding at this most challenging time. We will continue to monitor and follow government guidelines. Take care and remember to stay at home unless essential travel is required.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to the lakes once things change. Our trout are hungry and if the start of the season was anything to go by then there should be some real leviathans to target once this is all over.

BW Lakeside team

Covid-19. Latest update. Lakes closed in until further notice

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update- ALL CUSTOMERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

Bank and Boat fishing suspended at all Bristol Water Fisheries.

Due to the ever increasing concerns surrounding the spread of the covid-19 virus we have sadly made the decision to cease all fishing activities at our waters in effect from 7:30pm today. Bank and boat fishing will cease until further notice.

We are aware that some customers have pre-paid for bookings and will endeavour to refund when possible. Please understand that the staff and fishery are under immense pressure at this moment in time. We will tackle refunds when possible. This will include considerations for season ticket holders.

Please also note that our picnic area sites found at Chew Valley lake will also be closed until further notice.

We thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. Please take care of yourself and follow government advice to help prevent the spread of this virus.

We hope to be able to offer fishing again in the not so distant future and will continue to monitor government guidelines daily.

More details here:

BW Lakeside team

Important information for visiting anglers


To our valued customers

All boat fishing services at Chew Valley Lake are suspended from tonight until further notice due to coronavirus.

Woodford Lodge Tackle shop will be closed with immediate effect. Woodford telephone number will not be answered from 3pm today.

Bank fishing services remain unaffected at this time.

Blagdon boat fishing services remain unaffected at this time. However, as per below instructions payment arrangements are altered to reduce disease transmission risks, as well the existing changes to check in arrangements.

All services remain subject to a daily review. We are monitoring national guidelines and will keep you posted.

Our Facebook messenger and other social media and online services will be running at a reduced service, please bear with us.


All bookings must now be made in advance of coming to site, with payment in advance over the telephone. This is a change from a preference to a mandatory position.

Woodford Lodge telephone line remains open for taking bookings currently until 3pm today. After that bookings are to be made from 10.30am onwards each day on the Blagdon Lodge number 01761 462527.

Please take care to ensure social distancing and follow all national hygiene guidance.

Please take care everybody.

BW Lakeside

Covid-19 new procedures at our sites.


We are actively monitoring the covid-19 epidemic spreading through our nation. It’s important that our staff feel safe at this challenging time. In the interest of keeping the public and staff safe on site we are now requesting the following be noted:

– No more than 2 customers at a time in Blagdon lodge or Woodford Lodge tackle shop. Staff may politely ask anglers to wait outside or in their vehicles before being served.

– We encourage payments in advance by phone. If you are bank or boat fishing with us in the near future and are able to pay over the phone in advance please do so. We can ready your permit and boat key for collection on the day to make contact with others limited. This will help speed up the arrival process and limit contact with staff.

– If you choose to use a self service kiosk for bank permits, please refrain from licking envelopes containing the fee. Simply fold the envelope over and post through the hole in the wall.

– All key contact points within our fleet of boats will be sprayed daily with disinfectant. This will include staff spraying the engine hood, pull cord, gear lever, kill cord and throttle. We will also be spraying the front of the boat, railings and keys used to unlock boats. Please note that the concentration used is effective in killing the covid-19 virus but will not irritate skin. Similarly, the disinfectant will not have any harmful effects on the environment in the concentrations used by our team.

– Tea and coffee provisions at Blagdon lodge have been removed until further notice.

We urge all customers to take the above comments seriously. We want to continue to offer boat fishing at the lakes but can only do so with the support of our team and the angling community. Please help us keep fishing viable at our waters.

Our team will be calling booked customers in coming days to try and arrange pre payment where possible. We would appreciate your cooperation.

With thanks,

BW Lakeside team

SUPERLEE- not all hero’s wear capes

Not all hero’s wear capes….You may have heard of Superman and Mr Muscle but have you heard of SUPERLEE!?!?👊💪⚛️🧽🧼👊💪

Blitzin’ germs and boldly going where no man has been before. On a voyage of germ killing, superlee will be hard at work tackling virus’, bacteria and other germs at our sites.⚛️🆒

Feel confident that SUPERLEE has your back in our fight against all things nasty.👊💪🧼🧽🧼🧴👊💪

Tackling even the most stubborn of bacteria, SUPERLEE to the rescue! Join our plight in keeping our sites clean by doing your bit and washing your hands regularly, catching sneezes and paying by card or in advance.

Bristol Water #blitzinbacteria #truehero #fightingcovid19 #youreinsafehands #keepingclean

Fishery update- Important information for customers

Fishery update

Boat fishing at Chew Valley Lake will now be limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays until further notice. 

This is due to the impact of coronavirus. Both in terms of reductions in demand and expected staff shortages. We hope and anticipate this being a temporary measure during the epidemic

Blagdon remains open 7 days a week for boat fishing. Bank fishing at all waters continues as per our normal service levels.

Further Details

•Customer and staff safety is paramount
•These changes enable us to have sufficient capacity to offer a safe boat fishing service, and to continue to keep the lakes open in the more general sense for community wellbeing
•We are implementing additional cleaning and disinfecting measures –by reducing our available boat fishing days at Chew Valley our team will be put to use carrying out deep cleans of the site to prevent the spread of infection. You can visit on an open day feeling sure that the environment you are entering has been cleaned thoroughly the day before.
•Blagdon has been chosen to stay open 7 days a week as it facilitates social distancing more readily than Woodford, which is generally a busier site with the general public. Blagdon is also fishing extremely well currently
•Boat availability will be limited at both sites. We do not expect a significant increase in numbers of boat users at Blagdon lake as a result of this decision. Boat availability will be capped and check in arrangements managed to avoid encouraging large gatherings of people

We will be contacting the relatively small number of customers booked in on cancelled days shortly. Please note that our tackle shop on site will be closed on non boat fishing days. Bank fishing permits available from the self service kiosks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

BW Lakeside team

COVID-19- Notice for all customers


Our lakeside team feel passionate about providing safe and enjoyable access to the lakes. In spite of the most recent epidemic sweeping the nation we truly believe that we play a vital role in keeping society positive and healthy. Having access to the lakes at this challenging time can significantly help provide a retreat for many. As anglers and nature lovers ourselves we are fully aware of the mental and physical well being benefits to being out and about around the lakes. More so than ever before, we believe allowing access to the lakes is important and our duty.

As of today our lakeside managers will be monitoring government advised updates daily. To protect you and our team we have some basic requests that customers should note when visiting the lakes:

– We may politely request that limited numbers of customers access our tackle shops at any one time.
– Our staff carrying out bank permit checks may ask you for your permit number at a distance.
– There may be some requirements for anglers coming to site for competitions. Advanced payment, advanced boat draws etc
– Our preferred payment method is card to limit the amount of cash handling by our team.
– Please remember to regularly wash hands or use sanitizers. Some sites will have these readily available for people to use.

Please recognize that the requests noted above are not meant to inconvenience you or come across as intrusive. We are simply trying to protect customers and staff members at this challenging time.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you can all continue enjoying fishing at the lakes in coming months.

BW Lakeside team

Catch And Release- BEST PRACTICE

Keep em’ wet..

It’s always important to remember best practice for catch and release no matter where you are fishing or what you are fishing for.

If you intend to release a fish always have fish welfare at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps most important early season when large numbers of fish are caught, make sure that you go equipped with all the right tools to release fish successfully.

We take fish handling seriously, any angler found mishandling fish or showing bad catch and release practice may jeopardize fishing at our waters.

Check out this handy article HERE to give you all the info you need to make sure your special catch gets the release it deserves..

Shoplifting led to a successful conviction!

Crime doesn’t pay.

In October 2019 our team noticed some suspicious activity in our tackle shop at Woodford Lodge. Reviewing cctv footage it was apparent items of stock had been stolen. Notifying the police we have since been assisting with their investigations providing valuable cctv footage of the crime that took place.

On Wednesday, the suspect to the theft was remanded and sentenced to trial at Bristol Magistrates court where he faced charges of eight individual thefts from shops. The court found the defendant guilty to 7 of the 8 offences sentencing him to an accumulative total of 14 weeks in prison and also issuing fines

We’d like to thank the police and everyone involved in achieving a successful prosecution.

We remain vigilant and take acts of theft seriously. Individuals found shoplifting or stealing at our sites will be prosecuted

Please don’t hesitate to contact us along with the police on 101 (or 999 for an emergency) if you see suspected crime around the lakeside

BW Lakeside team