Covid-19 update. Lockdown Jan 2021

Covid-19 update


With the most recent government announcement it is with great sadness that we are announcing that February pike fishing will not be offered this season. We will monitor government guidance should things change but for now, only October and November pike fishing dates will be released for general sale next week. Please see HERE for further details on our pike fishing offering.

Bird Watching:

Bird watching in permit only areas will not be permitted during the lockdown period. All access gates to permit only areas have been secured and hide access will be closed.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Current government guidance can be found below.

BW Lakeside team

Tackle shop opening hours

Customer Notice:

Unfortunately our tackle shop at Woodford lodge will be closing at 12:30pm today. Apologies for any inconvenience, we’ll be back open Monday-Wednesday next week.


Christmas opening hours:

During the Christmas period our shop will be closed from Thursday 24th December until Monday 4th January 2021.


BW Lakeside Team

Covid-19 update. Changes to December fishing.

With the latest announcement from the UK Government stating that even greater numbers of local authorities will be moving into the higher tiers nationally in coming days, sadly our team have made the difficult decision to cancel all rescheduled pike fishing throughout December.

Customers booked in will be issued a refund accordingly, either direct from TicketSource or by cheque in the post. There is no requirement to contact us, our office remains closed this weekend. our team will issue refunds as swiftly as possible.
The team recognize that many customers will be disappointed with this announcement but we had hoped that travel and tier ratings would be kinder. We recognize that the bulk of our pike fishing customers are intending to travel relatively long distances to get to the fishery. As a result we feel that we should discouraging this where possible.
Chew Valley and Barrow tanks will remain open during December for local fly fishing anglers. Please note that Barrow tanks falls within a Tier 3 authority and as such only those within this area should make trips to the fishery.
Chew Valley falls within B&NES which will be tier 2.
Due to both open waters falling in differing tiers only single ‘Barrows’ and ‘Chew Valley’ day permits will be sold from December 2nd. We will not be offering a flexible ‘Chew/Barrows’ permit. Permits will go on sale in coming days, permits remain available via TicketSource.
Please follow current government guidance that can be found in the link HERE.
BW Lakeside team

Bank fishing extension- Barrow tanks and Chew Valley

We are pleased to announce that both Chew Valley and Barrow tanks will remain open for fly fishing from the bank during December. Blagdon will close at the end of November as scheduled.
Stockings will continue at both waters, taking place towards the end of November, week commencing 7th December and the week of 21st December. Stockings will be circa~1,000 fish on each occasion at Chew and around 800 fish on each occasion at Barrow tanks. We will aim to stock tank 3 heavier than tanks 1 and 2 during this period.
Day permits will be available via Ticketsource. Ticket variations include:
Chew/Barrows day permit : £22.00 (8 fish permit)
Barrow Tanks day permit: £19.00 (8 fish permit)
We remind anglers that juniors can continue to fish for free when accompanied by a full paying adult, simply share your permit! Alternatively, if preferred, junior permits are available by calling our team on 01275 332339 (Mon-Fri, 8-3:15pm). Junior permits will be priced at £8.00 and include a 4 fish limit.
All brown trout must be returned unharmed to the water.
Season permit holders can opt to extend their permits for an additional £100.00 payment. This extension will allow 7-day fishing at both Chew and Barrows and will include a 35 fish allowance. Please call our team on 01275 332339 if you’d like to extend your permit. Day permits are available via Ticketsource if preferred.
We remind anglers to fish safely, always following government guidance. At present the lakes are only available for ‘local’ anglers so please do not travel to our fisheries if you are from further afield.
BW Lakeside team

Great bank fishing to be had- local anglers only

It appears the fresh fish of late are really making a show for those anglers who have ventured out recently.
Mr Balmain fished Chew yesterday and commented ”I caught 12 rainbows and retained 8 , of which 5 were 3 pounds and 3 at 2 .10” whilst Mr Williams noted catching 2 x 2lbs 5oz, 1 x 2lbs 9oz, 1 x 3lbs, 1 x 2lbs 14oz and 1 x 3lbs 14oz fish on Wednesday.
Mr Milne popped out to the South shore at Blagdon on Tuesday and returned three rainbows of 2.8 lbs 3 lbs and 4.8 lb.s. All of his fish came to a small cruncher.
Mr Holdsworth cant keep away from Chew it seems and popped out yesterday for a quick visit commenting:
“Terrific day today. I caught sixteen fish, 13 Rainbows and 3 Browns, all returned. I caught six fish at North Shore in the morning and 10 fish along Walley Bank in the afternoon. Nothing enormous, all between 2 and 3lbs, and all in excellent condition… hard fighting.”

If you fancy getting out, make sure you purchase your ticket via TicketSource HERE

Padlocks are now back in place at many entry gates, make sure you read carefully the notes on any Eticket you purchase so that you know how to access our sites. Please remember to follow government guidance, only fish if you are local and close and lock all gates behind you.

Thank you
BW Lakeside team

Bank fishing continues at the lakes

Been out fishing with us recently? Our bank fishing remains open for fly fishing at Chew Valley, Blagdon and Barrow tanks. Permits available online from Ticketsource. Make sure you check out the access codes printed on your Epermit before visiting.

Pictured below a fine 6lb 12oz rainbow for Mr P Holdsworth who caught another 3 fish plus a couple pike to 8lb at Chew. The fish took a cats whisker fished from Walley bank and Mr Holdsworth reported loosing an even bigger fish too! 😳😳

Stocking’s taking place this week at Chew and Blagdon


Don’t forget to send in your catch return after fishing. Please send them to

Latest Lakeside update 04/11/20 11:36am

Early indications from the Angling Trust are that angling will be permitted during lockdown albeit with restrictions in place. Yet to be passed by law it appears that anglers will be able to fish local to them during the lockdown period commencing Thursday 5th November. This is great news and really highlights just how important angling is in providing mental and physical wellbeing.

Some fundamental rules for anglers include:

 –  Anglers should only fish at fisheries local to them and so should avoid long, unnecessary journeys.

– Anglers can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. Effectively moving from a ‘rule of 6’ to ‘rule of 2’.

– Competition fishing has been suspended.

– Anglers should not visit our sites if they are symptomatic or have tested positive for covid-19.


What does it mean for anglers visiting our waters?

Pike Fishing

The bulk of our pike fishing customers are travelling long distances to fish at Chew Valley lake. For this reason, Bristol Water is are unable to offer pike fishing during November. Whilst some visiting anglers are ‘local’ picking through who is and who isn’t would create significant admin work for our team. All November bookings will be offered a December date. Similarly, anglers due to fish from a boat in November will be offered an alternate bank day in December as well as issued a partial refund.

Any angler who is unable to make a December date or who chooses not to fish will be offered a refund. Once all customers have been contacted, any remaining tickets will be released for general sale.

Our team will be in contact in coming days to discuss options/dates available. We will start calling anglers due to fish in coming days to start and work our way through to those booked later in November. Please do not contact us, we will contact you.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing from the bank at all of our waters can continue as normal albeit only local anglers should fish. Day permits will continue to be available via Ticketsource. Our tackle shop will close but if you need something desperate please email in to so that our team can see if we can help. We may be able to offer a ‘click and collect’ service for some small items like nylon/flies etc.

Bird watching

Bird watching can continue at the lakes for local birders. Hides will be closed. Only day permits will be available for the remainder of the year. Please call the lodge on 01275 332339 to purchase. Day permits are priced at £5.00pp. Please call mon-fri 8am-3:15pm only.

Finally, our team will continue to monitor government and Angling Trust updates and respond accordingly. We remind all visitors to stay at home if they are symptomatic, have tested positive or have been in close contact with a person who has covid-19. Please remember to wash hands regularly, wear face coverings accordingly and social distance at all times. Do not travel to our waters if you are not local.

Great fishing continues at the lakes…

On Sunday 25th October Chew Valley saw 37 Bristol Reservoirs Fly Fishers Association members take to the water in the Red Lion Carpets 2020 Competition.
A testing day with fish being found in shallow water across the middle of the lake and Wick green/Spring bay. Fish are now feeding hardon bloodworm and daphnia.
A real mix of methods worked although many found blobs and boobies fished on midge tips or intermediates to work well. Congratulations must go to Mr D Reynolds who stormed the field catching 12 fish, followed in second by Mr A Torrington with 7 fish.

A big thank you you to Red Lion Carpets for their kind sponsorship, if you need a carpet laid check out their website or facebook page. Alternatively drop them a call on 0117 977 0990.

Only a few days to go for boat fishing at Blagdon this year. Sadly we are cancelling boats on Saturday and Sunday at our waters due to the horrendous forecast, a mixture of strong average wind speeds and a horrid southerly direction to boot. If you want to get out on Blagdon before the season closes, make sure you book via TicketSource by Friday!

Barrow tanks is finally chucking up some rather special fishing of late with some good reports of larger grown on fish now feeding well. Check out the below bag of fish for Mr R Smith who caught two fish just over 4lbs, four over 3lbs and the remainder around 2lb 8oz! All of the fish came to a white minkie fished on tank 3. What a pretty spectacular bag of fish for a water that has an average stocking size of under 2lb! 😳😳 A demonstration of how many larger fish reside in our waters without being caught.

Fishery Update 22/10/20

Some quality sport at the lakes for visiting anglers recently. Blagdon fly fishers took to the water at Blagdon lake on Sunday and what a great day they had!
The competition was fished to a 1 fish kill, C+R and 109 fish were caught between 22 anglers. A rod average of just under 5 fish per person for the day, a great result for so late in the season.
Congratulations must go to Dale Burgess who was top rod for the day recording 10 fish to the boat closely followed by Alex Johnstone with 9 and Dave Reynolds with 7.

It was apparent there were pockets of fish out in front of the lodge area of the lake and often fish would be eager to chase flies just subsurface, exciting fishing! Holt bay, Home bay and Green lawn also produced with most anglers fishing high in the water with FAB’S, diawl bach’s and boobies.

Over at Chew, the Bristol Reservoirs Fly Fishers Association took to the water yesterday and had some awesome conditions that even saw some fish up on top at times! Key areas were the shallow water out around the False island, middle of the lake and Spring bay. Some very respectable bags of fish showed including 19 to the boat of Dave Reynolds and Paul Golding.

Flies and methods very similar to Blagdon tactics although with the abundance of fry around minkies, zonkers and snakes will also be worth a try.

Bank anglers have had good sport in and around North Shore recently although those venturing out in front of the picnic area have also done well. The notorious Martin Downton has caught particularly well recently fishing a white lure, others have found smaller patterns like crunchers and Mr Cottrells secret claret d’bach to work well.

The fish at the lakes are feeding heavy on the remaining corixae found near weed beds as well as snail at present. As weed beds die back, expect more fry action.

The tanks haven’t seen a great deal of angling pressure recently. A great shame as these waters an chuck up some monster fish at this time of year as the larger resident fish move into the shallows and feed on the abundance of sticklebacks.

Try some fry patterns near the inlet of 1 or pipe of 3, both should chuck up some better fish in coming weeks. Stockings taking place at our waters next week after the BRFFA organized
Red Lion Carpets competition at Chew on Sunday.
Permits remain available via TicketSource
BW Lakeside team

Back end fishing superb at the lakes..

More monster fish of late. A fine 8lb 8oz rainbow caught on the fly from the bank by season ticket holder Bill Tovey and a 17lb 5oz brown trout and 28lb 8oz pike for Mr K Kelly during a recent pike fishing session at Chew Valley.