Event Date 19, June 2022

AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifier, Blagdon:


Angling trustRULES & FORMAT


Matches will be fished to full international rules on a full catch and release basis using debarbed or barbless flies throughout. Boobies and FABS will be allowed. No roly-poly retrieve. See full rules at bottom of this section.


First 3 fish will be time-recorded by your boat partner on a card, then the remaining fish are recorded on the same card, up to a maximum of 30 fish in total. No time bonus will be applied. The winner will be the angler who catches the most fish in the 8 hour match. Ties will be decided by the time of the first, second and third fish caught.


This process was ‘trialled’ at a fundraiser at Draycote in September 2020 and went very well. All Covid-19 rules were enforced and followed to ensure the safety of all competitors and officials and fishery staff.


There is no requirement to be an AT member to enter these events.


Please give these events your full support. This is the only income stream that TEFF has. All monies raised will be using to support the teams or provide cash prizes (after admin expenses for local organisers who often do not claim). If you qualify for one of the teams in future these funds may help you financially and you may even win a cash prize at one of the matches or the final. (Cash prizes will be sent by BACS after the event).


When can I fish?