Event Date 30, April 2022

This is a BRFFA run competition:


This event, formerly the Veals’ Spring Cup, is our first of the year. It is fished to “fishery rules” so any size of fly is allowed and all types of fly line are acceptable. But as with all of our events, anchoring is not allowed and nor are any form of weighted fly.

Partners for the Spring Cup are drawn from a hat. Currently we have no sponsor for this competition. If you are interested in sponsoring a BRFFA event you can find contact details here



The Bristol Reservoirs Fly Fishing Association

The BRFFA is a long established and friendly Fly Fishing club with an ethos centered on developing angling skills. We have many members that have represented England at National and International level who are keen to share their knowledge, skills and experience to improve others angling success.

If you have an interest in fly fishing or any interest in the Bristol reservoirs please do not hesitate to contact us and we, through this loyal and informed network of members and friends will do all that we can to help.




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