Pike fishing dates and prices





Bank: £75.00*pp for all sessions.
Boat: £195.00* per boat (2 anglers)

Ticket terms and conditions can be found HERE

Fisheries Pike fishing rules and regulations can be found HERE

Pike welfare and handling video can be found HERE.
* Listed permit prices include Bristol Water admin fee.

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Guided days with John Horsey-2023


11 days of Guided Pike Fishing with resident professional guide John Horsey will continue to be offered in 2023.


John has been guiding on Chew Valley Lake for the past 30 years and has been involved with the pike trials since they began. His knowledge of the lake and his incredible record speaks for itself with many captures of pike to over 30lbs using both lures and dead baits. He also was present when a magnificent fly caught fish of 40lb 8oz graced his net whilst guiding Enrico Pini. Not content with this in 2022 he guided Barry Hawyes to a fly caught 43lb Pike pictured below. Most anglers are unlikely to see a 40lb fish in the flesh in their lifetimes, let alone catch one. John has now guided 2 clients to 40lb+ fly caught Pike, an incredible and remarkable achievement.


Pike Hawyes



Bristol Water are offering John’s services as an extension to the days already offered in 2023. All bookings are to be paid directly to Bristol Water Fisheries and notification of attendees must be given with 24 hours of booking date.


John Horsey said:

“These days are primarily aimed at pike anglers who have not fished at Chew in the past, or those who wish to know more about fishing for pike on this very special venue “


These guided pike days are for either 1 or 2 anglers per session and all tackle can be provided if necessary. Anglers must adhere to the Bristol Water Fisheries pike fishing rules and regulations as described on our website.


This offering is priced at £595.00 and payment must be made to Bristol Water on application. To book a day or for more information, please ring Woodford Lodge on 01275 332339.


Available dates are as follows:

Wednesday 1st
February BOOKED

Tuesday 7th  February BOOKED

Monday 13th February BOOKED

Sunday 19th February BOOKED

Tuesday 3rd October BOOKED

Sunday 8th October BOOKED

Thursday 12th October BOOKED

Tuesday 17th October BOOKED

Wednesday 1st November

Monday 6th November

Tuesday 7th November



Fishing dates and agreements with our stakeholders


Season 2023 continues flexibility for cancelled days due to adverse weather, offering a rescheduled date first rather than having to offer a full refund immediately.

We will continue offering weekend fishing dates, something that was well received by our customers in previous seasons.


The success of an earlier start in recent seasons means that the autumn bank and boat fishing dates will continue to commence early in October. As ever, we will monitor weed growth around this time and offer alternate dates if we feel the weed growth is a significant issue. Limiting the amount of boat fishing in November reduces the risk of cancellations due to rough weather, but it does also increase the potential for warmer water temperatures. This is something that we will have to monitor and evaluate jointly with our experienced anglers.

A continued early finish date in November supports conservation efforts; with November being a particularly sensitive time of year for overwintering birds at this internationally important conservation site. A healthy relationship with other lake users and stakeholders such as Natural England is important to the fishery and the CVL fishing community in general!

In adverse weather conditions we may cancel fishing. We monitor the weather regularly to ensure your safety whilst out on the water. Should fishing be cancelled we will endeavour to contact you to offer a re-arranged date or refund. We will always try to give you as much notice as possible, typically we aim to give at least 24 hours notice. 

No, there is always the chance of boats being on the lake. We often have trout boat anglers fishing when pike bank anglers are on site. There is also the the possibility of  of re scheduled boat days falling on a scheduled bank day. We do our best to ensure there are no clashes but occasionally boat fishing does get rescheduled when pike anglers are on the bank.

Finishing times



Our team of trained staff will do their best to get boats ready for 9am on the morning of your booked day, occasionally boats will be delayed in getting out on the water especially during periods of poor weather. Please be aware that there is strict finishing times and that any boats late in may incur a ban. Fishing times vary dependent on sunset, sunrise and weather conditions. All boat anglers are expected to take note of the return time displayed in the lodge. If uncertain, please ask a member of staff.



It's important customers take note of permitted arrival, fishing and departure times when visiting the fishery.

To aid customers with their 2023 bookings, Bristol Water has created the chart below detailing some key times relevant to 2023 bank pike fishing permits. It's important to recognise that anglers found on Bristol Water property outside of these times will be considered as trespassing and will be in breach of Bristol Water rules and regulations. 

Early morning and late evening sample checks are conducted during the season by staff and we remind customers that there is no staking of swims. Please ensure you comply with all requests of the fishery when visiting.




Anglers are permitted to access Bristol water property at:

Anglers are permitted to start fishing at:

Anglers must cease fishing at: Anglers must leave Bristol water property by:
 1st February - 7th February 6:20am 6:50am 18:00pm 18:30pm
13th February - 19th February 6:00am 6:30am 18:20pm 18:50pm
2nd October - 4th October 5:40am 6:10am 19:45pm 20:15pm
8th October - 14th October 5:50am 6:20am 19:30pm 20:00pm
23rd October - 27th October 6:15am 6:45am 19:00pm 19:30pm
31st October - 1st November 5:30am 6:00am 17:45pm 18:15pm
5th November - 7th November 5:45am 6:15am 17:30pm 18:00pm
11th November - 15th November 5:50am 6:20am 17:25pm 17:55pm
18th November - 22nd November 6:00am 6:30am 17:15pm 17:45pm