Bristol Water Fishery Report July 2023

Bristol Water Fishery report for July 2023

Bristol Water Fishery Report July 2023

With the hot weather staying with us for the first few day of July, the fishing remained tricky with the early morning and evenings being the times to be in the bank.

With a slight turn in the weather bringing some cloud cover light rain and fresh winds the fish really have come back onto the feed on all our waters! This has been helped further with this months wave of stockings!

As soon as the temperature started to drop we started sorting and grading fish down at our farm. Blagdon came first with 3200 from the lagoons via the stocking trailers and Chew receiving 1300 from the lagoons followed by 3200 from the rearing cage and then the Tanks with 850 fish.

This brings up to a rolling stocking tally of 24,650 fish for Chew, 19,980 for Blagdon and 8410 for Barrow Tanks. With The lagoons empty with was an opportunity to carry out some maintenance with the ranger team tackling washing and preparing ready for transferring the fast-growing fish from the raceways into a larger environment.


Blagdon report

Following on from last month when a few anglers had found the fish down the middle, with the draw of the aerators and the slight drop in water temperatures were resulting in some very impressive rod averages.

The highest rod average in July was the week commencing 17th July at over 11! The monthly average was slightly lower at 6.5 but with an average fish weight of just under 3lb that is impressive sport for July!

A real mixture of methods have been taking fish with Fabs and Blobs moved at pace on an Intermediate or Di3 to a Washing line on a Midge Tip and even Dries when the conditions allowed, all producing fish.

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Chew Valley report

Much like its sister lake, Chew has really come to life since the weather has cooled off, the unseasonal strong winds have stirred things up. The added turbidity has also brought a few challenges but a bit of consideration on fly choice is all that is needed to keep the bites coming.

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Tactics have been very similar with the bulk of the fish falling to pulling and intermediate with blobs, boobies, and cormorants. Washing lines and Drys have also be very effective when the wind dies off and the fish rise into the surface layers; Dry flies to keep to hand are Bobs Bits in Red and Black as well as Hoppers. The Black Bits are very effective when the flying ants are littering the water.

Chew had a rod average of 9.58 for the week commencing 24th July, with a monthly average of 5.6 slightly lower than Blagdon but arguably more consistent due to the spread of the fish across open water. Even the Rangers have been out amongst the fish with Some impressive catches this month on both Chew and Blagdon.

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Walley bank and Woodford still seem to be the most productive areas from the bank, with some good catches falling to Nymphs either straight or with a point fly to suit the depth you wish to target. It seems a small black Boobie is a firm favourite.

Jeff Hurst has been persistent as ever covering ground on both Blagdon and Chew he was recently rewarded with a brace of rainbows for 5 and 6lb in quick succession from Wally great angling as always Jeff!

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Barrow Tanks report

The “Tanks” saw another stocking of 850 fish this month from our lagoons spread across the three lakes. With the levels fluctuating with extraction, it is creating some interesting fishing especially when water has been pumped back in or around the inflow into tank one.

Whilst on that note please do exercise care on the slopping banks when fishing with us especially if walking across the exposed gravel and weed. Nymphs and Buzzer patterns are still picking up fish as will Mini lures. The Evenings always bring the chance of some great sport on dries at this time of year!

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Bernie Weaver has been back down the “Tanks” this month conducting mentoring sessions for those who have completed the Bristol water Tuition days. Bernie has been getting among a few fish himself! A quick “thank you” to him and the BRFFA for helping us to promote both the tanks and our sport!

Competition results 

On the 9th we Welcomed the Airflo Celtic league back on to Chew for round four! With Strong winds and the water holding some colour it was looking to be an interesting fishing!

Congratulations to Paul Morris on taking top rod! It Seemed pulling was the method of the day to combat the strong winds.

With a total of 146 fish caught, rod average of 3.8 made for an ideal competition well done to all who competed. 


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