Apply for pike fishing

Tickets for 2024 dead bait/lure fishing are available from January 13th 2024 and will remain available until fully sold out.

Applying for pike fishing: Dead bait & lure fishing

In an effort to improve customer experience and reduce associated admin costs, Bristol Water will continue selling 2024 pike fishing tickets online.

Each season we experience a phenomenal amount of interest in pike fishing by dead bait/lure methods at Chew Valley Lake. Unfortunately, the demand is so great that we cannot always cater for everyone. In an effort to improve customer experience and reduce associated admin costs, Bristol Water will continue selling 2024 pike fishing tickets online.

Providing an online booking platform incurs an admin charge from our provider. The admin fee will show during the booking process.

Tickets for 2024 dead bait/lure fishing will be available from January 13th 2024 and will remain available until fully sold out. Predator season ticket holders will book their permitted allocation of tickets in advance of general release.

View more information on Predator Season Permits.

Book day tickets online.

Customers booking permits will receive a digital e-ticket once purchased. It's important that fishery rules and regulations are read carefully before visiting our waters. Ticket terms and conditions can be found at the time of booking.

How many tickets can I buy?

Customers who choose to apply for the 2024 pike fishing at Chew Valley Lake will be able to purchase as many permits as they would like. Tickets are available for boat and bank fishing. Many customers choose to have a mixture of boat and bank tickets. Each boat ticket enables two anglers to fish. Bank tickets are sold as singles but a maximum of a pair can be purchased for any given day.

Can someone buy tickets for me? I do not have internet access.

Yes! If you do not have access to the internet we will permit another person to purchase tickets for you. However, it is YOUR responsibility to notify us of someone acting on your behalf. Bristol Water Fisheries must be notified, in advance of tickets going on sale via email ( should you wish to do this. We will send a reply with approval if we feel that this is a legitimate request.

Please note that the purchasing of tickets by proxy is only for customers who genuinely do not have internet access.

Unfortunately, the person you allocate to purchase tickets for you cannot have tickets themselves.

How much are tickets?

Ticket price varies depending on which ticket you purchase. View full details and pricing. 

When do I need to pay for my tickets?

Tickets must be paid in full at time of booking. Tickets will not be held for a customer if full payment is not received at time of booking.

2024 Blagdon pike fly fishing on sale NOW!

Fly fishing by special permit for pike at Blagdon lake

Pike fly fishing at Blagdon has been permitted by special permit since 2017. Blagdon is home to some very special fish and we are pleased to announce there will be dates for the 2024 season. Offering 16 days in total, dates will be available in May and October 2024.

To book in please call Woodford Lodge on 01275 332339.

A total of 10 boats will be available on each day with exception of days on which a Bristol Water Guided Service is provided, when there will be 11.


May 2024:

Wednesday 1st May SOLD OUT

Thursday 2nd May SOLD OUT

Friday 10th May SOLD OUT

Saturday 11th May Fully booked (PFFA Event)

Friday 17th May SOLD OUT

Saturday 18th May

Saturday 25th May SOLD OUT

Sunday 26th May. SOLD OUT

October 2024:

Thursday 3rd October SOLD OUT

Friday 4th October

Thursday 10th October

Friday 11th October

Saturday 19th October

Sunday 20th October

Sunday 27th October

Monday 28th October.

Read more information on Bristol Water guided days on Blagdon with resident guide John Horsey.

Why so few tickets?

Blagdon Lake is almost a third of the size of Chew Valley Lake, spanning roughly 440 acres in size. We feel that significant pressure to the stock found present in the lake would be unsustainable. Every site is different and we recognise that the stock found in the lake may not be as tolerant to pressure seen at Chew Valley Lake.

Why are you only permitting fly fishing for pike? Why is lure fishing and dead bait fishing not permitted?

During October fly fishing for trout will continue to take place from boats at Blagdon Lake. Due to the lake’s size, we believe that permitting lure and dead bait fishing at this time may interfere with other customers enjoying fly fishing for trout. We also feel that fly fishing for pike, carried out in the correct way, represents a sustainable way of fishing for pike and is in keeping with Blagdon’s worldwide reputation as a premier fly-fishing water.

Why not have pike fishing by dead bait and lure later in the year?

Blagdon is an incredibly important site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and is home to an array of rare plant and bird species. Protected unimproved meadows and grassland around this site host some of the rarest plant species in the country. Migrant and overwintering birds also use this site. We have a legal obligation to protect these species.

Blagdon differs from Chew Valley in that while they are both vital habitats for overwintering birds, activities at Blagdon have the potential to cause a much higher level of harmful disturbance due to the narrow topography of the waterway and its margins. It is crucial that we protect key habitats for national migratory wildlife corridors and for biodiversity in general.

Allowing dead bait and lure fishing to commence during the trout fishing season would require additional assent by Natural England. With the current season stretching from March until October, requesting permission for pike fishing outside of the trout season is not something Bristol Water Fisheries would be prepared to do at this time.

How much are tickets going to cost?

All boats will be priced at £250 (including VAT) each with the exception of our guided boats. This would permit two anglers to fly fish for pike from a boat for one day.

Why are ticket prices so high?

We believe pike fishing at Blagdon Lake is a premium product. Previous surveys carried out by our team have indicated that there are some particularly special pike found in the lake. Since 2017, fish to over 44lb have been caught on the fly during these sessions.

I am a predator season ticket holder at Chew Valley Lake. Can I use one of my pike fly fishing days?

No, predator season tickets only permit fly fishing for pike at Chew Valley Lake.

How will tickets be sold?

Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket should contact us on 01275 332339 during office hours. Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis. These tickets will be available via Clubmate from 16th December 2023.

Payment in full for May 2024 bookings must be made by 1 April 2024 and payment for October 2024 bookings must be made in full by 1 September 2024. Bookings not paid in full by these dates will automatically be cancelled without notice.

Read our full Terms and Conditions.

Are anglers permitted to swap dates with other successful entrants?

Yes! We will permit anglers to swap purchased tickets with other SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS provided we are informed of this change within 72 hours of the date they are due to fish. Tickets cannot be purchased via proxy and the named permit holder must fish on the dates they have booked. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a ban from fishing at our waters.

I am purchasing a day’s boat fishing. Does this mean I can bring someone with me to fish with?

Yes, you are applying and paying for a full day’s boat fishing. We permit you to bring a fishing partner on any ticket you are successful in purchasing.

Can I bring my own net, mat, anchor and drogue to the water?

Yes! These items are no longer provided by Bristol Water Fisheries. We do though, politely ask anglers to remember to CHECK, CLEAN and DRY to prevent the spread of invasive non-native species (INNS). For more information, please take a look at the NNSS website.

Read more information on Pike welfare and best practices.

How are you ensuring pike welfare? What if an inexperienced angler gets a ticket?

We take pike welfare seriously. Our lakeside team will be patrolling the lake during this set of trials and we encourage anglers to report any poor handling of fish to Bristol Water Fisheries. Successful applicants are expected to have, at minimum, a basic understanding of fish handling and fish welfare before heading out on the water.

What are the rules?

A special set of rules has been produced for this site. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • A minimum of 40lb wire must be used for all traces. Heavy mono is not permitted to be used as a trace material. Traces must be a minimum of 12 inches in length.
  • Only fly-fishing is permitted. Only one rod may be in use at any time. Rods must not be left unattended while fishing. The possession and/or use of bait of any kind, spinning, trolling and trailing are prohibited
  • Flies over five grams in weight are not permitted at Blagdon Lake.
  • No anchoring or holding position with an electric outboard. This is to keep all anglers moving around.
  •  See full details of rules for Pike fly fishing at Blagdon Lake.

What about the guided days, what information can you give on them?

Bristol Water Guided pike fly fishing days are available with our resident guide, John Horsey.

Read more information on Bristol Water guided days on Blagdon with resident guide John Horsey.

All guided days will be priced at £665 per boat and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Bookings can be made by calling 01275 332339. Payment for guided days is required at time of booking.