Predator season tickets

We are pleased to announce some changes to our popular predator season ticket offering.

Full predator season ticket – £775

A full predator season ticket will continue to include eight boats for the purpose of fly fishing for pike as well as two dead bait/lure boats.

For all 2024 predator season ticket holders, boat partner’s costs for the dead bait/lure boat allowance will be included in the ticket price. Full predator season tickets are priced at £775 per ticket.

Please note that the fly boat element of the ticket will continue to be the same and should a ticket holder wish to bring a partner to join them on their predator fly allowance, their boat partner will continue to have to pay the day rate applicable.

At point of purchase the dead bait element of predator season ticket permits will need to be booked. We encourage customers to check out the dead bait/lure dates on our pricing webpage in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many tickets will be available?

A maximum of 50 predator season tickets will be available in season 2024.

Can I opt for bank tickets rather than boat tickets for my dead bait/lure allocation?

Yes! We do permit predator season ticket holders to opt for a pair of bank tickets for a single day instead of a single boat permit, if preferred.