Litton Lakes

Litton Lakes are currently unavailable until further notice.

Exploring Litton Lake

Litton Lakes are currently unavailable until further notice.

Litton Reservoir, near the village of Litton in Somerset, is operated by us. It lies on the boundary between Bath and North East Somerset and Mendip districts. 

The two lakes

Stocked with the same high-quality trout as all our lakes, but with less fishing pressure, many customers have discovered that a leisurely day’s sport in this intimate and picturesque setting is sheer delight. The lakes can cater for up to six anglers, making it the ideal day out for those who want to spend time together undisturbed. When you book Litton, you have the exclusive use of two lakes with two boats on the lower lake and one on the upper.

Lower Litton is a shallow, tree-lined, eight-acre lake. The water is deepest near the dam. There are weed beds over much of the shallower areas, which encourage trout to feed at most times of the day, often providing prolific fly hatches in the evening with accompanying good rises. Upper Litton (11 acres) is much deeper than its sister lake and very different in character. Long and narrow with steep sides and a stream flowing in at the top end, it can call for rather different tactics.