Fishery update 18.06.21

A quick catch up on the fishing at the lakes.

Well this hot weather is certainly relentless at present and unsurprisingly the fishing has become harder as a result. The good news is that periodically we are getting some occasional rain showers that bring some much needed fresh, cooler water to the lakes and drop the water temperatures by a degree or so. Water temperatures are fluctuating around the 18-20C mark on any given day. Surface temps are a degree or so warmer.

Weed is coming up at an alarming rate and whilst this can make access to some areas challenging it can also spur a real abundance of life for fish to feast upon. It won’t be long before corixae becomes a staple of our fish’ diet. At present the fish have been feeding on a mix of small buzzers, damsels, snail, corixae and bloodworm which can be readily found on the fringes of developing weed beds.

The weather forecast for the next couple of weeks is quite varied with high chances of a few thunderstorms as well as lightning. We would like to take this opportunity to remind anglers that in the event of thunder and/or lightning to please stop fishing immediately, head straight to the nearest shoreline and either wait until the storm passes or until you receive further information from our staff. Please stay safe out there.

Chew Valley

A fresh stocking of fish at Chew gave some instant relief for those anglers struggling during the weekend heat. Its apparent that the fish spread into small pockets and moved towards Herons Green and Villice Bay. Often is the case when releasing fish from our fish pens, they will spread better than they do when added from the shore.

Sundays Blagdon Fly Fisheries club event was challenging but rewarding, just how we like competitions to be! Top spot was Graeme Currie who found fish in Villice fishing a team of nymphs with a bejeezus booby on the point. The fish were high in the water despite the bright conditions and Graeme managed to catch and release a very respectful eight grown on fish in extremely tough conditions to take top place. Other noteworthy bags included Nicki Longs who managed seven and Dave Reynolds and John Horsey who managed six a piece. Favoured lines included floaters and a selection of midge tips.

Whilst Villice Bay proved fruitful on Sunday other areas of the lake are always worth a venture. The area around Nunnery Stones and the mouth of Herons Green has been productive for many of late. Don’t dismiss a drift or two in this area.

As the heat soars, the boils will be worth investigating but a polite reminder that anglers fishing this area should not tie up or drop anchor. Fishing in and around the boils is permitted but please respect our rules and regulations as well as other anglers who may wish to fish these areas.

Water clarity remains good at chew at around 5ft but algae counts are starting to creep up. Blue Green algae is now starting to make an appearance so we would encourage anglers to wash hands if planning to stop for a bite to eat. The extreme heat and temperatures can also take their toll at this time of year so a reminder to use sunscreen and hydrate regularly throughout the day. Lifejackets do need to be worn at all times, even in the hottest of conditions. Anglers not wearing lifejackets will be asked to leave the water by staff.

Bank fishing has been good recently and we have now cut some sections of grassland out for anglers to access and fish Woodford bank readily as we have done in previous seasons. Those venturing out early in the morning or late on in the evening have had the best results with hot spots including nunnery point, ‘the beach’ and Walley bank.


Scatterings of fish are being caught at other areas too but weed beds will start to hinder bank fishing in some places.
Don’t dismiss dry fly late on in the evening. We’ve seen coch-y-bonddu turn up in recent days which has been a real welcome surprise. Let’s hope this species flourishes as we all know how attractive a meal they pose for trout! We should start to see flying ant soon too. The warmer temperatures often reward anglers with an abundance of food for the fish to eat, the hard part is ensuring you’re on the water at the right time and often this means early morning and late evening at this time of year.


Blagdon saw a fresh stocking of 2000 fish last week and has been fishing well in the deeper areas of the lake, areas worth trying are around the Boils, the Dam Wall as well as Butcombe. The bulk of the fish recently have been taken on sinking lines or midge tips with a heavy point fly. We remind anglers to familiarise themselves with the no anchoring zone at the Dam end of the lake. Please do not drop anchor and only drift through this area.

Hot Head and Blue Flash Damsels along with Gold Heads will be worth a try when fishing deeper but those who prefer fishing the washing line technique should try using Black and Red Diawl Bachs with a FAB or Damsel Booby on the point.

The Top end has produced a few good fish of late although its noticeable that there has seen a surge in weed growth. This has prompted some good sport using Corixa patterns along with Red Diawl Bachs close to the fringes of weed beds.

The bank has become trickier, again due to the increased weed growth around the lake. Anglers have however found success around Green Lawn and also down in Pipe Bay from Cheddar Water where some deeper water can be accessed. Off the weed beds in front of the lodge has also been a good area to try. Green and Black Diawl Bachs along with the flies mentioned above have been putting fish on the bank for our regular anglers.

Barrow tanks

Its all been about staying on late at the tanks! The evenings have provided some superb sport for those anglers willing to see it out until dark. Mr Weaver has reported some quality fish coming to dry flies and nymphs at dusk and just into dark on Tank 3, it is well worth persevering to take advantage of the late feeding spells. Areas that have been producing fish include The Platform, Ivy Corner, Crawfords and around The Pipe.

All the tanks have received a fresh stocking of fish in the last week or so, no doubt this will provide some cracking sport for anglers.

Weed growth has increased on Barrow 2 of late which has proven tricky for anglers.

Mr Eddie Daniels has reported some good catches of fish on Tank 1, all fish falling to his preferred mousing tactics with fish being caught all throughout the day.

It definitely does pay to have a good walk around the tanks at present to try and locate the fish as they have been quite mobile recently but once located anglers have reported some good catches on a variety of methods.