Bank Fishing- Some of your queries answered...

Bank fishing- Some of your queries answered...

Bank Fishing- Some of your queries answered...

A few questions relating to bank fishing permits cropping up. Some guidance:


  1. What are the ticket variations?

    We have simplified our bank permit offerings since reopening our waters. This is a temporary measure to get an online booking system up and running quickly. There are two ticket variations, a Chew/Blagdon permit and a Barrow permit.


  2. Where can I purchase a permit?

    Bank permits are available online from Ticketsource. See the link HERE to purchase.


  3. Why is there a booking fee?

    Sadly, providing a online booking facility has its associated costs to both our provider and us. A £1.00 booking fee is in place for every permit purchased to cover admin costs associated with providing this facility.

  4. There are no tickets left on the day I want to fish, does this mean I have to choose another day?

    We are monitoring the number of tickets available. On some days, ticket numbers available may be reduced compared with other days. We are monitoring weather conditions which impact available bank space. On windier days, there might not be as many tickets available at some waters. Tickets are selling out fast, so be quick to make sure you don't miss out. Regularly check Ticketsource. We don't want to overcrowd banks and we don't want anglers turning up disappointed that they cannot find a safe space to fish.


  5. I cant find a ticket for next week, when will they become available?

    Tickets are being released in batches once we have a better understanding of the weather ahead. As an example, tickets for Wednesday and Thursday of next week will be released as of 9 am tomorrow morning so keep checking Ticketsource regularly.


  6. What about juniors, there is no option for them?

    Juniors can fish for FREE when accompanied by a full paying adult. Should a junior wish to purchase a permit for themselves only, call our team at 01275 332339 and we will be happy to assist.

  7. Catch returns, how do I enter one?

    One of the big disadvantages of the current system is that there is no online catch return entry system. At present we are asking customers to send in catch returns to . Remember, blank returns are as important as bag limit returns.


  8. Access codes, rule and regulations and other bits. Where will I find these details?

    When purchasing a ticket you will find links to all of the relevant information for our fisheries. An access code will be on show on your e-ticket. Please do not disclose this code to others. It can be used for all access gates around our sites. Please lock gates behind you.


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