Reminder to all anglers

Not everyone plays by the rules. A few things to keep in mind when out and about fishing...

National Rod Licenses
All anglers fishing our waters need to hold a valid rod licence. Purchasing a National rod licence is simple and takes only a few minutes to do. Check out the link HERE to purchase a rod licence online.
Unauthorised fishing
Believe someone is fishing without a permit or using methods not allowed at our fishery or others? Call the EA incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60 or the police on 101. Its important that everyone sticks to the rules, fishing without permit or not in line with the fishery rules is simply not acceptable.
Unauthorised entry into the water
See someone swimming in the water or launching craft? Call our emergency line on 01275 332481. Our team will do the best that they can to respond as quickly as possible. Swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing and launching of unauthorised craft is not permitted at Chew Valley, Barrow tanks, Litton lakes and Blagdon lake. It is incredibly dangerous with deep water, hidden obstructions such as pumps and nasty waterborne diseases present.
Please help us by doing your part when visiting our waters.

BW Lakeside team