Summer time at the lakes

Grasslands in full bloom!

Summer is now in full swing and the lakes have become full of vibrant colours and wildlife. The lakes are incredibly special places for both wildlife, anglers and bird watchers. At this time of year a burst of colour springs from what were drab and dreary looking patches of meadow only a few months ago. The warmer weather promotes flower and plant growth which in turn encourages wildlife and insect species to thrive.


meadow 1

Our lands are home to a whole host of rare plant and animal species. Its important that all lake users show respect for these areas as untouched grassland, like that found around the lakes, is sadly becoming a rare sight to see. Please consider parking carefully only using the allocated parking areas shown on our maps on our lake pages and always take home your rubbish. Our rangers patrol the bankside and will challenge breaches in the byelaws. 

INNS and survey traps

Today saw our team assist in the installation of Invasive Non Native Species traps at Blagdon lake. These traps have been put in place near weed beds around the lake to monitor INNS. INNS can have a whole host of negative impacts to the ecosystem. Throughout the summer you may see these traps around the lakes. They will be marked with a large barrel float. We ask anglers to kindly keep clear of them and never tamper with the traps or ropes. The traps have specifically been put in areas of interest to the study and the team have aimed to keep them away from the main accessible angling spots as much as possible. Please help us by leaving them alone and report any tampering immediately to our team. 

Don't forget to follow CHECK, CLEAN, DRY and if you'd like to find out more about INNS and their impacts check out the non native species directorate HERE

check clean dry