Walley bank parking arrangements

As work begins on the Recreational Trail at CVL access to the anglers car park found near the Sailing Club at Walley car park will temporarily remain closed. This will mean that for the time being, parking for this bank will be restricted to the small layby on the corner of the dam for the time being.
A temporary car park is being created for anglers to use. This car park can be found in the image below marked by a green circle. Anglers will need to access this car park via the sailing club entrance on Walley Court Road, marked by a red circle. A combination lock will be installed and using the standard code found on permit confirmations will be accessible from Wednesday 8th September.
We remind all anglers of the importance of closing and locking gates behind you and parking sensibly. NEVER park on the grass verges, please use the temporary car park if intending to fish this bank in coming weeks.
We will review this arrangement as we proceed towards October and pike bank fishing.
BW Lakeside team